About the Project

People involved in civil society all over the world have many different experiences and different ideas that can be shared. Think of a favorite cookbook and the way it distills the complexities of culture, practice, and history into manageable recipes. That is what Arseh Sevom aims to do with The Civil Society How-To. The project focuses on sharing failures and successes from civil society actors all over the world.

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The Civil Society How-To project aims to share learning about what makes civil society organizations and actors successful, how they approach challenges, and the obstacles faced along the way.

Why are global stories and anecdotes relevant

The problems we face as civil society actors anywhere in the world are problems others face(d) as well. We may all have different ingredients to start with: harsh regulations, a suspicious government, lack of resources, creative thinking, supportive neighbors, energetic volunteers, conflict, etc. Those ingredients can be mixed in many different ways. In fact, they have been by people all over the world. Civil societies can look different and act different. There are many ways to learn from others, many ways to incorporate their experiences into something new and exciting. This is what we try to do with this project. It’s why we welcome your contributions and ideas as well.

What works for you? What doesn’t work?

The Civil Society How-To welcomes contributions from you. Use this contact form to get in touch with us with your ideas and comments. If you give us a way to get in touch with you, we will follow up on your ideas.

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